The Funding Process: 24-48 hours

The process is designed to get you the capital you need quickly and efficiently. Here is how its works.

1)    Please fill out our 1-page application and send back to us with the previous 4 months of business bank statements.

2)    If you qualify for a cash advance, within 24 hours we will present your business with an offer. An example offer is $10,000 to pay back $14,000 over the course of 6 months, at a fixed ACH daily payment.

3)    Once you approve the offer, we will notify the funding department to send over a contract. We will send you over that contract.

4)    Once you are done reviewing the contract, please send back the signed contract with a copy of the business owners driver license and the businesses voided check.

5)    Now that the contract is sent back, we can proceed to funding. The funder will typically have a quick funding call with you, confirming the term and structure of the advance – making sure once again that there is full transparency.

6)    You have been approved and the funder will notify accounting, and your money will be wired over!

Requested Amount: